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You've got your Limited Licence, so now what?

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There is so much more to licensing than the licence itself. Our starting point for all our clients is a Licensing Roadmap. That way, we can undersand where you are now and where you want to be and we can build a plan to get your there.

You've got your Limited Licence...so now what?

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We believe accountants make great advisers. Let us help you incorporate licensing into your business, without being driven by it.

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A complete software soltuion that covers both licensed and unlicensed advice


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About us

Licensing for Accountants is an independent business providing accountants with software, tools and resources to transition into licensed advice.

We have an extensive background in accounting and financial licensing issues, and understand the opportunities and challenges licensing presents.

We are not a licensee. Our expertise lies in providing the right solutions and support to make your licensing journey a successful one.


Industry News

Financial services the ‘biggest circus tent in town’: CPA

22-Aug-2016 Miranda Brownlee, SMSF Adviser

In the months following CPA’s entry into financial advice, chief executive Alex Malley has urged the accounting industry to “reclaim its rightful territory of advice”.

Mr Malley says up until 20 years ago, advice was solely the domain of accountants.
“[It was around] then that others came into the profession, into the financial planning area, and as a result, that brought other people into the advice market,” Mr Malley told a recent CPA Australia conference.

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Over 500 limited licence applications still in limbo

16-Aug-2016 Miranda Brownlee, accountants daily

The latest licensing figures released by ASIC reveal that while a further 70 applications have been processed since the beginning of July, 507 are still pending assessment. From the 1,159 applications for limited licences received by ASIC, 366 limited AFSLs have now been granted, many of which are draft licences, ASIC commissioner Greg Tanzer told the CPA National SMSF Conference last week.

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ASIC unveils ‘targeted surveillance’ plans for licensing

12-Aug-2016 Miranda Brownlee, SMSF Adviser

ASIC deputy commissioner Greg Tanzer told the CPA National SMSF Conference that ASIC will be visiting small groups of accountants in each state to understand how they’re operating.
“We’re going to conduct targeted surveillance on some licensed accountants to assess whether they’re meeting their ongoing obligations when giving financial product advice in relation to SMSFs. We’re going to seek in particular to identify unlicensed conduct and to take appropriate action,” Mr Tanzer said at the conference yesterday.

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SMSF unmet advice needs at record high

12-Aug-2016 Oksana Patron, Money Management

The number of Australian self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) trustees who say they have unmet advice needs reached the highest level observed, according to a report by Vanguard and Investment Trends.

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Graeme Obst, FCA

AKW Chartered Accountants

Kath and her team at L4A were able to clearly analyse and recommend the level of licensing our people required. The process was efficient and painless and we found the summary webinar to be of great benefit. Thanks Kath.

Jackie Downing

CS Accounting & Taxation

I really appreciate your time and knowledge at yesterday’s session. Things are a lot clearer now. I really do agree with you that this is an opportunity for us accountants and we need to start looking at it as that.

Lynda Soderlund

LSA Accounting

The matching process saved me time (and money!) by fast tracking my understanding of the legislation and the decisions to be made. The independence of your service was a paramount criteria for me.

Tania Magon

All Round Accounting

Licencing for Accountant’s Online Licence Matching service highlighted to me the SMSF services I couldn’t continue to offer my clients post 1 July 2016, and more importantly the the different licencing options suitable to me. Thanks Kath

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