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Licensing for Accountants is an independent firm which supports and transitions accountants into licensing. We have an extensive background in accounting and financial licensing issues, and understand the opportunities and challenges licensing presents.

Our expertise lies in providing tools and information to guide accountants during their licensing journey.

The new licensing regime also presents significant opportunities for the broader advice industry to extend its networks and services. New authorities and relationships are being formed, and a critical step in this process is the smooth and successful transition of accountants into licensed advisers. We work with a number of partners to ensure this transition is efficient, cost effective and well supported.



Kath Bowler

CPA, Founder and CEO

Kath is recognised as one of Australia's leading authorities on licensing for accountants. During her 20-year career in the accounting and financial services industry, she has remained passionately committed to assisting accountants to expand into financial planning.

With a diverse financial services background, Kath has sat on all sides of the fence as a regulator, financial adviser, accountant, policy adviser, head of a licensee and consultant. With this deep insight, she has the passion and vision to bring these industries together and is dedicated to developing solutions that allow accountants to be active in the licensed advice arena.



Eloise Ramke

Head of Sales & Operations

Eloise has worked across project management and financial services for 15 years, including senior roles in learning and development facilitation; and sales and operations at MLC, ING and Tourism Queensland. Having qualified as a workplace trainer, coupled with her corporate experience, Eloise anticipates issues before they occur and seamlessly manages them. Her diverse and broad skill set has been enriched over many projects, culminating in her ability to successfully take projects from start to finish in an integrative manner.


Specialist Consulting Services

If you require specialist consulting services to develope your licensing support and solutions for accountants, our consulting arm, Kath Bowler Consulting, can assist.

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We believe accountants make great advisers. Let us help you incorporate licensing into your business, without being driven by it.

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