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Taking the confusion out of licensing

All accounting practices are different, which means you don't all want to be licensed for the same thing.  Even accountants from the one office want to be licensed in different areas.  This can make licensing very confusing - along with understanding training, education and the real costs!

Use our FREE, quick and easy 'start up tools' to help you with the three big steps of your licencing journey. 

Advice Areas Checklist

Indicate the advice areas you're interested in and you can then use this tool as as a checklist against any licensing options you are considering.

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RG146 Training Tool

Indicate the advice areas you're interested
in and this tool will show you your 
recommended RG146 training needs.

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Our Licensing Starter Kit can help

Limited Licence Tool - COMING SOON

Indicate the advice areas you're interested
in and this tool will show you your Limited
Licence application requirements.     
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BONUS - Licensing Costs Calculator

Unsure of licensing costs?  Our start-up tools include a bonus Licensing Costs Calculator - comparing both the initial and ongoing costs of obtaining your own license with becoming an authorised representative.


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