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Statement Of Advice Template Solutions

We have sourced a suite of SOA (Statement of Advice) template options to cater for accountants who have moved into the world of licensing. These SOA template solutions include:

Word Templates

Para-Planning Service

Software Solution

Template options are available as a ‘stand alone’, or as part of our broader subscription offer

Other Stand Alone Solutions

  • Licensing Line - Webinar

    Understanding licensed -v- unlicensed advice

    Licensing Line - Webinar

    If you or your staff are trying to work out what advice requires licensing and what does not, this 90 minute webinar is for you:

    This is not a pre-recorded webinar.  It is a live, interactive session, specific for your business.  That way, we can customise the session and address your specific issues and questions. 

    All client facing staff should attend, regardless of whether they are licensed or not.

    • For unlicensed accountants, they need to make sure they don’t cross the line
    • For licensed accountants, they need to know when to cross the line, and what to do when they are on the other side


  • Tap into an SMSF expert for one-off SMSF advice that requires licensing

    One-off SMSF advice

    If you are not getting licensed, and don't have a relationship with a financial planner, our SMSF advice network may be the answer to your SMSF licensing issues.

    We are developing a network of SMSF specialists across the country whose businesses are solely focussed on SMSFs.  They are all licensed and able to provide one-off SMSF advice to your clients on areas such as:

    • SMSF set up
    • Contributions advice
    • Commencing a pension
    • Property structuring, including LRBA arrangements

    That way, you can continue with providing ongoing accounting and administration services to your SMSF clients, and tap into a licensed SMSF specialist when the need arises.

  • Solutions that let you share in the value of advice

    Full referral

    If you are not getting licensed, but want to look at an arrangement that can benefit both your client and your business' bottom line, we are aware of several different solutions.  We are happy to explain your options and connect you with an option that best suits your business and future plans.

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