RG105 & RG146

In a nutshell

As there are a range of licensing options available and a range of training providers to choose from, there is no clear and simple explanation of your training requirements.

But the good news is that we can simplify this process for you and provide further guidance so you can make an informed choice.

The difference between the regulations

If you want to apply for a Limited Licence, you will need to select at least one (preferably more) people to become Responsible Managers for the licence. These responsible managers will need to provide ASIC with proof that they have met the minimum training requirements, detailed in Regulatory Guide 105 (RG105) in their capacity as a responsible manager. The responsible managers will then need to ensure Regulatory Guide 146 (RG146) requirements have been met for anyone who will be authorised and providing advice under the licence.

If you are intending to become an authorised representative, you only need to focus on RG146. That said, RG146 requirements are a licensee responsibility so can vary depending on who you choose to be licensed with, and what you want to be licensed for.

Tools and resources

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Training providers

Many organisations offer RG146 training. We have listed some providers below for you to consider. Please note that  Licensing for Accountants is an independent firm and does not endorse any one provider and does not receive commissions or kick-backs for referrals. If you would more guidance on how to select a provider, check out our FAQs.