Making it official

Once you have completed your RG146 qualifications, you are ready to become licensed so you can provide advice to clients. You can become licensed in one of two ways – either by becoming an authorised representative or self-licensed directly with ASIC.

Need to know more, then read our Fact Sheet on AFS Licensing.


What are the costs

While cost is certainly something you need to consider, we do not belive that cost should be driving this decision. Control, investment of time and resources, and flexibility to advise in your chosen areas are the factors that should drive your decision.

Having said that, cost is probably the biggest issue raised by accountants when considering licenisng and it is important to understand what's involved.

If you would like some guidance on cost, try our FREE Costs Calculator which forms part of our new Interactive Start-Up tools.

Authorised representative option

If you choose the authorised representative path, your next step is to partner with a licensee. As an independent organisation, we do not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). We know that one size does not fit all, so we provide a matching service to help you find a licensee that fits your needs.

Find out more through our Licensee Matching Service.


Self-licensed option

If you are wanting to obtain your own licence, use our Interactive Start-Up Tool to help work out your Limited Licence application requirements. 

If you've decided on self-licensing, we strongly recommend that you start your journey supported.  We've come across two consultants who specialise in licensing for accountants, who we think can provide you with additional support. But we'll let you make that decision.


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What they offer

  • DIY and full service licensing
  • AFS Licensee manuals and tools
  • Responsible Manager Masterclasses
The Fold - Accountant's Licensing Products and Services

About the firm

Having prepared over 400 AFS and ACL licence applications since 2002, The Fold has extensive knowledge of the application process and the ongoing compliance requirements.  We also have considerable experience in dealing with ASIC to facilitate licence applications.  

The Fold cuts a swathe through the maze of regulatory complexity to get to the essence of professional advice. 

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What they offer

  • Training for responsible managers and licensing requirements
  • Templates and compliance manuals
  • Support with AFSL and Australian Credit licensing

Compact - Limited Licensing for Accountants: Pricing Kit

About the firm

Compact provides compliance and training services to professional bodies, accounting firms, dealer groups, stock brokers, banks, payment providers, fund managers and other financial institutions. We are deeply involved in the accounting market and are happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation to people interested in entering the licensing regime.

If you are a public practice certificate holder with CPA Australia or Chartered Accountants ANZ, you can access additional self-licensing resources:

CPA Australia resources CA resources